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Islay Phoney Book 




Islay High School have been assigned the task of producing the next edition of the Islay and Jura Phoney Book.  Work had already been started by staff from Islay’s branch of the Third Sector Interface (TSI), previously Islay and Jura Council for Voluntary Services.  However due to changes in staffing TSI are no longer able to proceed with it and it was agreed to pass the assignment on to the High School.   It will be staff from the school, together with senior students participating in the next expedition, working on this project and running it as a business to provide funds to support this expedition.  The school is determined that it will be a high quality product and will be as accurate and up to date as possible and will be working with other members of the community, particularly Mike Senior, to ensure that this is achieved.

All entries and updates for the new edition, which were sent to TSI, have been passed to the High School.  We now ask that any other residential or business/organisation entries be sent to the High School as soon as possible even if it is just to let us know that it’s the same as in the previous edition.  The details for contacting the school are at the end of this article.  To ensure that we get the most up to date information for the residential section of the Phoney Book we are using the online BT website but if you do not want to be included in the Phoney Book then please let us know.  Equally, if you’ve chosen to be ex-directory with the BT website but would like to be included in the Phoney Book then again please let us know.

We have devised an entry form which will be available on the school’s website and this can be used for residential entries and for business/organisation entries as well.  We will try to make these forms as widely available as possible and if in doubt just phone the school and we can send one to you. If you are a business or organisation and would like to be included in this next edition please make sure you fill in one of these forms and send it to the school.  The form also asks if you want to place an advert and what size of advert you want.  The cost of the adverts will be £80 for ¼ page, £150 for ½ page and £250 for full page.

We hope to have the new edition completed by the end of June.  Since we have high spec printers in school, we will be printing and binding the Phoney Book ourselves and, by doing that, intend to have new editions every year.  If you have any queries, concerns or suggestions for improvements please contact Stephen Harrison at the school.


Details of how to contact the school with regards to the Phoney Book are:

Address:  Phoney Book, Islay High School, School Street, Bowmore, Islay   PA43 7LS

Telephone: 810239

Email: phoneybook@argyll-bute.gov.uk

Website: http://www.islay.argyll-bute.sch.uk