Course Introduction

Welcome to the History page at Islay High School website. History is a subject that encourages students to reflect on the past and seek reasons for the events that have shaped the world. As a subject we encourage students to consider aspects of the world they know, Islay and then to move their thinking beyond what they know to the wider world.


At Islay High School we see History as an opportunity for students to appreciate the breadth of events and experiences that have shaped the world we live in today.  Students in lower school get an opportunity to investigate the migrations of early scots to the fashion and music of the Swinging 60’s.





History is part of the Humanities and has two members of staff; Vanessa Fuery (Faculty Head) and Heather Priestly. Miss Fuery and Miss Priestly both teach History to lower school and Miss Priestly teaches certificated classes.

As staff we are passionate about encouraging pupils to have enquiring minds and to reach their potential, to do this we are always ready to try something new and follow the lead of pupils when appropriate.


We currently offer the SQA’s History course from National 4 – Advanced Higher level.


Pupils acquire breadth and depth in their knowledge and understanding of the past

through the study of Scottish, British, European and World contexts in a variety of time

periods. Options cover topics from the Medieval, Early Modern and Later Modern periods

and include elements of political, social, economic and cultural history. The approach and

understanding gained can be applied to other historical settings and issues.


Candidates develop:


  • A conceptual understanding of the past and an ability to think independently
  • the ability to apply a detailed historical perspective and evaluate sources in a range of contexts
  • A detailed understanding of the factors contributing to, and the impact of, historical events
  • The skills of investigating historical events and, on the basis of evidence, forming views
  • The skills of explaining and analysing historical events and drawing reasoned conclusions



Extra-curricular activities

Our teachers offer assistance to all students at any point during the school day. We also offer Drop-In Session during lunchtime and after school on a Wednesday for any student who wishes extra time to revise the course content.

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