National 4 & 5 Hospitality

The National 5 Hospitality course provides students with a qualification and the skills they need to be successful in the Hospitality industry.  It will enable students to develop general and practical skills and to give them the required knowledge and understanding.


Pupils from S3-6 are eligible to take this course, although National 4 is also available and could be taken before progressing to National 5.


The general aims of the course are:

* providing students with an introduction to the different sectors of the Hospitality Industry.

* preparing for an interview

* developing a good work ethic

* developing team working skills

* developing food preparation, cooking and presentation skills

* encouraging students to set personal goals

* developing communication skills

* applying relevant Health & Safety and food hygiene practices.


There are 4 different units in the course:


Unit 1 – Developing skills for working in Hospitality

In this part of the course students have to identify the aims of Hospitality establishments, services, products provided and the job roles of staff.


Unit 2 – Skills for working in a professional kitchen

Students will learn menu planning, food preparation techniques, cookery processes, food hygiene, health & safety requirements and appropriate food storage practices.  The students will work as a team and participate in many activities.


Unit 3 – Front of House

Students will learn about front of house job roles, reception and dealing with customers.


Unit 4 – Hospitality Events

Students will be involved in planning, organising, running and evaluating a small scale Hospitality event.


Students have access to their laptops, books and magazines to help them with their theory work.


The text book ‘Theory of Hospitality and Catering’ is the most commonly used book in the Hospitality Industry.  It is used in many catering colleges and is very up to date.

‘Practical Cookery’ is also current, and full of resources.  It is particularly useful for reading about cooking.


The intention is that, during the course, students will do work experience in a kitchen to see how all aspects of hospitality in practice.  In the future, trips are planned in order for students to see how different catering establishments operate.  By that point, the students will already have done their own events in the course.

June 2014

The Hospitality students had the task of baking for the school awards which involved preparing, baking and presenting their bakes.

Students were involved in doing a retirement buffet for a member of staff, involving a lot of preparation and cooking.


August 2014

Students held an ‘all day breakfast’ which involved the students preparing, cooking and serving to paying customers.


September 2014

Students recently held a cupcake sale and decorated the cakes with a theme for Independent Scotland with either Yes or No or Scottish flags decorated the top.


Earlier in September the students went out of school in order to go bramble picking.  The amount gathered was sufficient for making five jars of jam, and the students also made pancakes and cakes with the brambles.


Students are preparing for the next couple of months and have planned a Halloween themed event along with Bonfire night and Christmas.