Student Support

Welcome to Student Support at Islay High School. Here at IHS we have two Principle Teachers of Student Support, Miss Siddall who works with our students on the academic aspects of school life and Dr Weatherhogg who is involved with the Pastoral Care of our students. Both Dr Weatherhogg and Miss Siddall work closely with our parents, carers and guardians. In addition to this they also liaise with colleagues from outside agencies and organisations in the interest of our students. Taking a coordinated approach, they work closely with all members of staff to monitor and track each student’s development.

Duties Undertaken by P.T. Student Support

Both Dr Weatherhogg and Miss Siddall are concerned with every aspect of each students’ educational progress and as such will undertake the following duties

  • Interviewing, advising and supporting students thought their school careers

  • Meeting with our Parents, Carers and Guardians to discuss progress

  • Advising on course choice options at key transition points

  • Providing references for UCAS, Colleges and for prospective employers

Certain aspects of supporting our students are split between the two Principal Teachers

Miss Siddall (Academic)

  1. Monitoring each students’ academic progress in all subject areas

  2. Providing careers advice and information for students.Liaising with staff from Skills Development Scotland to ensure that students receive the best opportunities for future career planning

  3. Coordinating progress reports and Parents’ evenings

  4. Guiding our senior students through the process of applying to Universities and Colleges

  5. Liaising with Focus West to provide additional opportunities for students intending to apply to university or college

  6. Identifying potential Christmas Leavers

  7. Work with students, and their families, to develop an appropriate individualised curriculum and timetables (flexible learning plans, work placements)

  8. Education Maintenance Allowance for students over 16

Dr Weatherhogg (Pastoral)

  1. General Parental concerns regarding student wellbeing

  2. Monitoring each students’ attendance and timekeeping

  3. Enrolling new students

  4. Conducting pastoral interviews with all students on a twice yearly basis

  5. Attending meetings with and reporting to specialist services on behalf of our students.This includes Attendance Officer, Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration, School Nurse, Primary Mental Health Worker, Social Work Services

  6. Monitoring each students’ merits and demerits

  7. Student Council

  8. Coordination of P7 induction