Product Design

Product Design

The Course offers candidates opportunities to explore the impact of design and technological activities in everyday life. Candidates will consider the complete life of a product from its initial conception, through manufacture and marketing, to its impact on society.

The aims of the Course are to develop:

♦ The ability to produce solutions to design tasks by applying knowledge, understanding and problem solving skills

♦ Knowledge and understanding of the process and principles of designing

♦ Ability to analyse and clarify problems in a design context

♦ Understand of the issues which influence the design of products

♦ Application of effective graphic and modelling techniques

♦ Knowledge and understanding of industrial manufacturing processes and materials

♦ Ability to effectively communicate and justify solutions to design tasks

♦ Understanding of economic considerations, and the social and environmental implications of design and manufacture

♦ To prepare candidates for further study of product design and manufacture.

The Course consists of three 40 hour Units. The component Units are as follows:

DF4V 12 Product Design: Design Analysis (H) 1 credit (40 hours)
DF4W 12 Product Design: Developing Design Proposals (H) 1 credit (40 hours)
DF4X 12 Product Design: Manufacturing Products (H) 1 credit (40 hours)

Course assessment

The external assessment will examine material from across all the Units of the Course. To gain a Course award, a candidate must pass all Unit assessments as well as the external assessment.

External assessment will provide the basis for grading attainment in the Course award. The Course award will be graded A to D and will be based on the total score achieved in the external assessment.

Unit No Unit Title Unit Verification Course Assessment
DF4V 12 Product Design: Design Analysis (H) Central & Visiting Question Paper + Design Assignment
DF4W 12 Product Design: Developing Design Proposals (H) Central & Visiting  
DF4X 12 Manufacturing Products (H) Central & Visiting  

Summary of Course assessment

External assessment by question paper - 50%

External assessment by Design Assignment - 50%

The instrument of external assessment consists of:

♦A Question Paper externally set and marked by SQA. This will test knowledge and understanding of the Course content and will be of 2 hours duration. There are 70 marks available for the paper.

♦A Design Assignment task will be externally set by SQA, conducted internally and externally marked by SQA. SQA will issue details of the Design Assignment task in January and will require submission of the completed assignments by a specified date in the year of presentation. A different Design Assessment task will be issued each year by SQA. There are 70 marks available for the Design Assessment. Further details about the format and structure of the Design Assignment are given in the Course Assessment Specification and Design Assignment Guidance document.

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