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Shared Headship Proposal - views from parents requested by Mon 25th May

As you will be aware the authority have proposed that they advertise for a Head Teacher with a leadership responsibility for both Bowmore Primary School and Islay High School - a shared Headship and not a joint campus.  This would mean that there would be little or no change to the general staffing and infrastructure of the two schools compared to how they would be as two separate schools but that there would be clear changes to the Senior Leadership Team.  The Head of Education, Anne Marie Knowles, put out a paper to the parent councils of both schools, to propose this change, showing how

Happy Easter

It’s been a particularly long and hard term for both staff and students alike but equally very successful.

Head Teacher's Blog - New Website

For various reasons, the school has struggled to produce a good quality website over the years. That has now changed and I’m delighted to announce the launch of this new website. I hope you find it appealing, user friendly and that it contains the information relevant to your needs, whether you are a parent, student, prospective member of staff or an interested member of the public. There are still certain areas where we need to add more information and this will happen over the next few weeks.