Course Introduction

Welcome to the English Department of Islay High School Website. Within our Department there are various challenging courses offered to students that all work to build the students’ enthusiasm; motivation to learning; desire to reach high standards; self-reliance and an openness to new thinking and ideas. 

From BGE in S1 and S2 to SQA course we teach an ever evolving range of both classic and contemporary texts. We develop students’ communication skills through reading, writing, talking and listening. 

We foster a visible reading culture and encourage personal reading of both fiction and non-fiction texts. Independent reading for pleasure has long been associated with increased literacy attainment, wider vocabulary and knowledge. 


The English department is part of the Literacy and Performing Arts Faculty which is headed by Craig Weatherhogg (Music). There are currently 4 English teachers: Jonathan Broad, Patricia MacIntyre, Norma Broad and Janice Weatherhogg.


We currently present students for National 3, National 4, National 5 and Higher English. We also offer a Literacy Unit at National 5 level.

All Courses provide opportunities for learners to develop breadth, challenge and application of the English language. Learners’ ability to use language lies at the centre of the development and expression of their emotions, thinking, learning and sense of personal identity. The course provides learners with the opportunity to develop skills in listening, talking, reading and writing, which are essential for learning, life and work, and to develop their ability to communicate their thoughts and feelings and respond to those of other people. The courses enable learners to understand and use vocabulary, word patterns, text structures and style. Learners recognise, analyse and use language for a range of purposes. Through these courses, learners develop the ability to understand and use language in practical and relevant contexts. Learners encounter a wide range of different types of texts in different media (poetry, prose, drama and media texts). Building on the four capacities, the course enables learners to communicate, be critical thinkers, develop cultural awareness and be creative. Learners develop an appreciation of Scotland’s literary and linguistic heritage through the Scottish element of each course.

Extra-curricular activities

Islay High School Page Turners Book Club

Creative Writing Competition

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