Higher English

Course Introduction 

Higher English is completed over one year and is a valuable qualification which is highly regarded by employers and colleges/universities.

Who is the course for?


Entry to the course is at the discretion of the High School but normally pupils will be required to have achieved a grade A-C at National 5 English. Higher English is a demanding course which requires pupils to have a mature and responsible approach to independent study.

Higher Course Overview


In this course, pupils will:

  • - Study a range of literature incorporating prose, drama, film and poetry
  • - Develop their skills in RUAE (reading for understanding, analysis and evaluation)
  • - Take part in at least one detailed spoken interaction (presentation and/or group   discussion) using complex language to demonstrate their skills in talking and listening


  • - One internal unit (Spoken Language) which will be assessed on an achieved/not achieved   basis
  • - Externally assessed portfolio of writing comprising two essays (one of creative/personal   and the other of discursive/persuasive) 30%
  • - External SQA Exam comprising:
  • - RUAE (2 passages followed by questions) 30%
  • - Scottish Set Text (extract from text studied in class followed by questions) 20%
  • - Critical Essay (one to be written on a different text studied in class) 20%

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