N4 Maths

National 4 Mathematics Course


At National 4 learners work on problems using mathematical skills such as those involving elementary trigonometry, statistics and algebra and also solve problems in contexts, which are not necessarily familiar.

The mathematical skills covered are underpinned by numeracy and are designed to develop learners’ skills in mathematical reasoning relevant to learning, life and work.


The Course aims to:

♦ motivate and challenge learners by enabling them to select and apply straightforward mathematical skills in a variety of mathematical and real-life situations

♦ develop confidence in the subject and a positive attitude towards further study in mathematics

♦ enable the use of numerical data and abstract terms and develop the idea of generalisation

♦ allow learners to interpret, communicate and manage information in mathematical form; skills which are vital to scientific and technological research and development

♦ develop the learner’s skills in using mathematical language and to explore straightforward mathematical ideas

♦ develop skills relevant to learning, life and work in an engaging and enjoyable way


The course consists of three units and the Added Value Unit:

Expressions and Formulae

The general aim of this Unit is to develop skills linked to straightforward mathematical expressions and formulae. These include the manipulation of abstract terms, the simplification of expressions and the evaluation of formulae. The Outcomes cover aspects of algebra, geometry, statistics and reasoning.



The general aim of this Unit is to develop skills linked to straightforward mathematical relationships. These include solving equations, understanding graphs and working with trigonometric ratios. The Outcomes cover aspects of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics and reasoning.



The general aim of this Unit is to develop learners’ numerical and information handling skills to solve straightforward, real-life problems involving number, money, time and measurement. As learners tackle real-life problems, they will decide what numeracy skills to use and how to apply these skills to an appropriate level of accuracy. Learners will also interpret graphical data and use their knowledge and understanding of probability to identify solutions to straightforward real-life problems involving money, time and measurement. Learners will use their solutions to make and explain decisions.


Mathematics Test

This is the Added Value Unit of the National 4 Mathematics Course. The general aim of this Unit is to enable the learner to provide evidence of added value for the National 4 Mathematics Course through the successful completion of a test which will allow the learner to demonstrate breadth and challenge.

Breadth and challenge will be demonstrated through the use and integration of mathematical ideas and strategies linked to straightforward mathematical expressions, formulae and relationships. This will include the application of algebraic, geometric, trigonometric, statistical and reasoning skills. Numerical skills underpin all aspects of the Course, and the ability to use these without the aid of a calculator will also be assessed.



To achieve the National 4 Mathematics Course, learners must pass all of the required Units, including the Added Value Unit.

National 4 Courses are not graded.




Students have revision materials and course notes on their UMPC.


Useful websites include:


www.mathsworkout.co.uk (students have a username and password to access materials)