N4/N5 English

Course Introduction 

In National 4 and 5 English pupils are assessed in the following areas:

Analysis & Evaluation, Creation & Production and Literacy.

The courses are designed to provide breadth and depth in the skills involved in reading, writing, talking and listening. They also encourage pupils to undertake independent study and to develop their skills in planning and communication.

Who is the course for?

All pupils progress from S2 English into a National 3, 4 or 5 class, depending on the strengths and needs of the individual. Pupils and teachers will discuss the next steps in terms of choices prior to options interviews. 

National 5 Course Overview

In this course, pupils will:

  • - Study a range of literature incorporating prose, drama, film and poetry
  • - Develop their skills in RUAE (reading for understanding, analysis and evaluation)
  • - Take part in at least one detailed spoken interaction (presentation and/or group       discussion) to demonstrate their skills in talking and listening


  • - One internal unit (Spoken Language) which will be assessed on an achieved/not achieved basis
  • - Externally assessed portfolio of writing comprising two essays (one of creative/personal   and the other of discursive/persuasive) 30%
  • - External SQA Exam comprising:
  •  -RUAE (1 passage followed by questions) 30%
  • - Scottish Set Text (extract from text studied in class followed by questions) 20%
  • - Critical Essay (one to be written on a different text studied in class) 20%

National 4 Course Overview

Units: Analysis & Evaluation, Creation & Production, Literacy, Added Value

In this course, pupils will:

  • - Understand, analyse and evaluate at least one straightforward written text (Reading)
  • - Understand, analyse and evaluate at least one straightforward spoken language activity   (Listening)
  • - Create at least one written text using straightforward language (Writing)
  • - Take part in at least one spoken interaction using straightforward language (Talking)
  • - Demonstrate basic skills in Literacy
  • - Use language skills to research and produce an assignment on a chosen topic.

- Pupils will study a range of literature including novels, short stories, poetry, drama and   media.

- Assessment is all completed and marked within the school on a pass/fail basis and is   therefore not graded. There are no external SQA exams at this level.

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