Key Dates for this year 


The National Five Assignment will need to be completed by the end of March 2015 


The skills you use in your geographical studies make you of potential interest to a wide range of employers. The close link between the subject and the world around us makes for a varied list of careers for example working with development or aid agencies, environmental work, using GIS, working for the census office and in tourism and recreation.


Core Studies


The Physical Environment – Key topics include: location of landscape type; formation of key landscape features; land use management and sustainability; and weather.


The Human Environment – Key topics include: contrasts in development; world population distribution and change; and issues in changing urban and rural landscapes.


Global Studies – Key topics include environmental hazards; trade and globalisation; and development and health. You will study major global issues and the strategies adopted to manage these.


Assessment and Certification


To gain the National 4 award there will be no final external exam, but there will be unit assessments and an assignment to complete. The assignment will be based on field work  undertaken  in school time.


To gain the National 5 award there will be a final external exam as well as unit assessments and an assignment to complete.


Unit Assessments will be a mixture of extended writing, group work, presentations and other activities designed to give all students the opportunity to achieve.






Candidates achieving a grade B or better have the opportunity to take Higher Geograp