National 5 Biology

The N5 course is equivalent to   Credit grade at Standard Grade and an A/B  in Intermediate 2.

The course involves 3 units:

 Cell Biology: Cell structure and cell division; DNA and protein synthesis; Genetic Engineering; Photosynthesis and Respiration.

Multicellular Organisms: Organ systems; Stem cells,meristems; Control and communication; Reproduction and genetics; Transport systems; Effects of lifestyle choices

Life on Earth: Biodiversity, Energy in Ecosystems; Sampling Techniques; adaptation and Natural Selection; Human Impact on the Environment.

To be successful the following is required:

  • At the end of each unit pupils should have achieved a pass in unit assessment.
  • Skills which involve selecting, presenting, processing information and making  predictions will be assessed.
  • An Application of Biology and its effect on the environment and/or society should be described.
  • Plan, carry out and write up an experiment in a particular format.
  • An assignment is required which will involve research and a presentation. This is worth 25% of overall mark.
  • In May, an exam will take place which will cover all three units and is worth 75% of the overall mark.



National 5 Biology  ‘How to Pass’ Billy Dickson and Graham Moffat (issued)

National 5 Biology Torrance






Revision / homework

After school club   Wednesday