Letter To Parents 04/05/2020

Dear Pupils, Parents and Carers





As you know we are moving to a new timetable on Monday (4th May) through remote learning.  I have attached the timetables for the new S2 pupils and for the new S3-S6 pupils and hope that they are self-explanatory but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.  It will be important that pupils are on their Microsoft Teams at the appropriate times, as some of the lessons, or at least part of them, may be live and teachers will be on their Team ready to give feedback and support at those times.  Having said that, we also know that the present situation is very difficult so if, for whatever reason, your child cannot access their Teams at the times specified please let us know.  If we can help we will. In these times, the most important thing is the welfare and mental health of your children and the remote learning needs to come second.  Hopefully, though, the weekly structure of these timetables will help pupils to develop a positive routine.


South Islay Development will be supplying donation boxes to all families on Islay and staff in the High School will be delivering these next week.  Therefore, if you have had a change of address recently, please notify us as soon as possible. We are taking the opportunity to add stationary to the boxes and stationary for Jura pupils as well, which should also help with the remote learning but again if there are other materials that we can supply you with please let us know.


In addition to that, where there is an issue with devices at home, we have been resetting some pupils’ computers so that they can access the internet at home.  If you haven’t asked for this facility and feel that it would help with the remote learning, then again please contact the school.


Just to finish off with some very good news; we have just appointed a new Art Teacher, Ms Kathryn Malcolm, who will be starting with us in August.  She has been teaching in Fife for  many years and I think she will be a tremendous addition to our staffing. 


I hope you are all well.


Yours faithfully


Stephen Harrison

Head Teacher

Islay High School

School Street


Isle of Islay,  PA43 7LS

Tel: 01496 810239

Email: stephen.harrison@argyll-bute.gov.uk



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