Parent Council

Parent Council Meetings

Wednesday 18th January – 5.30pm

Wednesday 22nd March – time TBC

Wednesday 10th May – 5.30pm -  AGM


Management meetings and minutes

Joint Head Bowmore Primary School and Islay High School.docx

parent council March 2015.docx

Minutes 25.03.15.docx

letter May 15.docx

Shared headship Bowmore and Islay High Report Final.docx

Minutes 29 04 15 AH.pdf

JOINT HEADSHIP PROPOSAL - Ballot - 22 5 15 (3).docx

Joint Campus Letter to parents march15.pdf

letter June 15.docx

letter to AMK May 15.docx

School Closing Arrangements June 2015.pdf


Parent council forum

The Parent Council Public Forum is provided as a means for parents to discuss various topics publically. You can use the forum below to discuss or contact the Council directly at

All content which you decide to share on the forum is viewable by any other person or persons with internet access irregardless of geographical location.

Please refrain from posting any content which you would deem to be offensive, in poor taste, considered adult material and so forth.

Both Islay High School and Argyll & Bute Council are not responsible for the content submitted but will at it's own discretion remove and/or modify content if the need arises be it from our own judgment, requests by Parents/Guardians, Police or other government controlled forces and/or any other bodies involved in the request.

Users wishing to post and reply to topics on the forum must create an account which will be enabled once checks have been made as to the validity of those applying for accounts (ie. Parents and not automated scripts known collectively as Bots).

To re-iterate, Islay High School is not responsible for any content posted on the forum.