Physical Education

Welcome to the PE Department at Islay High School


Staff:        Mr. Kevin Park (Principal Teacher)

                Miss. Rebecca Gibson


The main focus of physical education is to participate, gain experience in new activities and learn the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle.  During lessons pupils will learn more about the skills in each activity, how their body works tactics involved with decision making, problem solving and thinking skills. Pupils can further develop their skills in the many extra-curricular clubs that are on offer at both lunchtimes and after school (see extra-curricular page). Throughout the year there will be the opportunity for pupils to compete in inter-house events.  Some pupils will also be given the opportunity to represent Islay High in competitions against other schools – home and/or away such as the MAKI sports league.

Any pupil who is to be excused from participation must always bring a signed note from home along with their PE kit. Unless it is physically uncomfortable, pupils will be expected to change and be part of the class by taking on duties such as officiating, scoring, timing and coaching.