Student Council

Two students from each year group have been elected onto the Student Council for the session

The student council have met twice so far. These meetings have been chaired by Mr Harrison to discuss how the council will operate. It needs to ensure that it has the respect both of students and teachers. It needs to ensure that the views of all students are listened to and that appropriate issues from the students are discussed at meetings and, any decisions made or actions taken, are fed back to all students. It needs to ensure that all elected members act in a responsible and respectful manner.

All future meetings will be chaired or facilitated by Mrs Moran so that the council can discuss issues freely without being inhibited by the presence of the Head Teacher. There will be times the council will ask the head teacher to be present to discuss issues, to negotiate changes or make suggestions for improvements to the school or the wellbeing of students.

The council have agreed to meet every two weeks.