Design and Manufacture

The Course provides a broad practical introduction to design, materials and manufacturing processes. It provides opportunities for learners to gain skills in both designing and in communicating design proposals. It allows learners to explore the properties and uses of materials and to make models and prototypes of products.
The Course is practical, exploratory and experiential in nature. It combines elements of creativity and designing for aesthetic or visual impact with a requirement to consider a product’s function and performance. It helps the learner appreciate the tensions that exist between factors such as aesthetics, function, economics and the environment.
The Course allows learners to consider the various factors that impact on a product’s design. It will consider the life cycle of a product from its inception through design, manufacture and use, including its disposal or re-use — a ‘cradle-to-cradle’ approach to design.
The Course provides learners with opportunities to develop skills that are of general value for learning, life and work: the ability to read drawings and diagrams; the ability to communicate design ideas and practical details; the ability to devise and develop practical solutions to design problems; and the ability to manufacture their design ideas.
The Course allows learners to engage with technologies and to consider the impact that design and manufacturing technologies have on our environment and society. It allows them to consider how technologies have impacted on the world of the designer and on manufacturing.
This course is of broad general benefit to all learners. It also provides a foundation for those considering further study, or a career, in design, manufacturing, engineering, science, marketing, and related disciplines. The Course provides a complementary practical experience for those studying subjects in the technologies and expressive arts.

The aims of the Course are to enable learners to develop:
♦ Skills in design and manufacturing models, prototypes and products
♦ Knowledge and understanding of manufacturing processes and materials
♦ Understand the impact of design and manufacturing technologies on our environment and society

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