Expedition 2017 presentation from Islay High School on Vimeo.

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Water of Life from Islay High School on Vimeo.


Water of Life’ was a tremendously successful collaboration between Islay High School and ‘Shooters’ – the film-making and digital technology arm of the humanitarian relief organisation ‘Spirit Aid’.

Over the course of ten days in June/July 2012, thirteen pupils and one member of staff worked tirelessly with the film crew to script, rehearse, cast, produce and direct a short film of extraordinary magnitude that has also been tagged ‘brutally brilliant’ by the editor of the local Islay newspaper – ‘The Ileach’.

The film addresses the threat of isolation and a descent into alcoholism by the husband and son of a wife and mother who has just died. The film follows the son Tommy, who is an incomer to the island, who finds difficulty in getting up the morning knowing he will be facing bouts of intimidation at school and that his dad will be using another day to drink himself into an early grave.

The film premiered to a packed audience at Islay High School in October 2012 and was very well received by parents and the wider community.

A quote from the actor David Hayman, who is the director of ‘Spirit Aid’ and who had a cameo role in the film, is below:


We have all had such a fantastic, rewarding and productive time working with you all on your beautiful Island.

You have a very talented bunch of young people who responded brilliantly to the idea with talent, enthusiasm and humour. They were simply, a joy to work with and they deserve to feel like Superstars!

To everyone, especially yourself, who welcomed us with such warmth and hospitality, a very big thank you from the Spirit Aid/Shooters Team. We hope it won't be long before we are back on Islay.


My very best wishes, Slainte...........David


The film went on to win first place for promoting Health & Well Being at the Argyll & Bute Star Awards